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Hive Squads

They Keep Us Buzzing

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Diversity, Inclusion, & Equality

We believe with all our hearts that every person is important and valuable. This squad will work to ensure everyone in our community knows they are welcome and wanted here.

Responsibilities include: regular meetings; networking with diverse groups, organizations, and people; carrying out tasks recommended by the squad and oversee that all elements of the organization comply with the Hive's Cultural Equity Statement 

Volunteer Management

Our Clubhouse relies on the fabulous folks who volunteer their time with us, so we owe it to them to make sure their needs are met and they have all supports in place.

Responsibilities include: regular meetings; understanding the volunteer needs of the Hive; developing a system of training and continued management; ensuring diverse populations are informed about our volunteer opportunities 

Inclusion Network

The Hive is developing a system throughout the community that will be part of our inclusion movement that will honor our IN cards with perks and discounts.

Responsibilities include: regular meetings; identify local businesses that will honor "The IN Crowd" (Hive Membership) cards; ensure businesses comply with IN guidelines; network with organizations who serve people with disabilities and their families  who would like to participate in the inclusion movement

Future Services & Projects Planning

Future projects and services are too important to not have a whole team on it. We've got big plans and we need your heart, your expertise, and your time. 

Responsibilities include: regular meetings; identifying needs of those we serve and what supports are necessary; strategize and plan for current programs such as Parachute Project (family supports) & Hive 6 (waiver programs); network with professionals who will collaborate on projects.

Fundraising & Event Planning

Hive events are fun, keep us involved with our community, and bring in the funds we need to keep us going! For big events and small, our Event Squad is crucial to all we do!.

Responsibilities include: regular meetings; oversee and direct all fundraising events and activities to ensure the Hive meets annual budget goals; work with board and staff to establish fundraising plan and calendar 

Property Safety & Maintenance

What would we do without our beautiful, safe, and homey Clubhouse? We absolutely must make sure it is taken care of. From lawn care to minor repairs, we have to oversee it all.

Responsibilities include: regular meetings; identifying the safety needs and requirements on the property; anticipating upcoming necessary expenses; securing construction and maintenance professionals when needed.


Hive Squad member requirements:

  • Must understand and believe in our mission, vision, and values with all their heart.

  • The desire to treat every person - regardless of ability/disability, gender, gender identification, culture, ethnicity, race, religion, sexuality, eye color, pant-size, planet of origin, or anything else we left out that makes that person who they are - with respect, love, and good humor.

  • Have the passion, time, and commitment to be an active and productive member of the team.

  • Represent the Hive in a positive manner.

  • Keep political views to themselves.

  • Get a feeling of reward and fulfillment from the work you are doing and the difference you are making in the lives of others.

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1818 US 31 West Bypass

Bowling Green, KY 42101

Tel: 502-532-4480

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