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The HIVE, Inc. is a Bowling Green, KY based nonprofit

Who believes the time to reboot the system for adults  with

intellectual and developmental disabilities is


The revolution starts here.


At the HIVE, we create opportunities for people who want 

to learn, grow, connect, and experience new things.

AND we have the coolest clubhouse around...

Want to know what all the buzz is about?

Contact us

for an appointment and you will see.

We're kinda awesome...

Did You Know


  • Many people with I/DD can and want to work, volunteer, and participate in our community with little opportunity. We are determined to change that.

  •  61% of parents of adult children with developmental disabilities don't have a plan for their child's future due to "lack of quality residential, employment and recreational services."

  • ​67% of students with I/DD who exit high school by maximum age or alternate diploma do not enter employment or post-secondary education.

Why we do it

do it

Because there is work to be done.


Because all people matter.


Because the status quo is not good enough.


How we feel


Everything we do stems from our understanding that every person has value and purpose; that every person we serve is a multi-dimensional, complex, emotional human being that deserves every opportunity anyone else enjoys. We are determined to continue to improve and build our programming to best meet the needs of those we serve and their families.

Symbol of racial, gender, sexuality, ability equality

Be you. We like you that way.

We love you for your race, gender, ability, age, religion, identity, sexuality, and experiences. We embrace everything about you that makes you who you are.


Diversity and Inclusion. They’re more than just words for us.

#BlackLivesMatter  #JusticeForAll  #EqualityForAll
#LGBTQ #DontDisMyAbility #GenderEquality
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