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Welcome to Our Clubhouse!

Our Clubhouse is the place to go if you want to learn new stuff, hang with friends, connect with our community, and lend others a helping hand. 

At our Clubhouse, you can join the experience we have planned or do your own thing. 

At the Hive, we get it that we are all working on things at our own speed, and some of us need some support and encouragement along the way! Our Clubhouse offers a comfortable, fun, and safe atmosphere where everyone is celebrated for who they are.

Our monthly and weekly experience topics include:


  • Health & Fitness Wellness

  • Mind & Heart

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Science & How Stuff Works

  • Music Exploration

  • Teamwork & Social Skills

  • Gardening

  • Daily Living Skills

  • Community Connect

  • Self-Advocacy


Detailed schedule can always be found on the Events tab, and of course, everything we do is sprinkled with fun and positivity!

Plus, our clubhouse is full of puzzles, games, workbooks, laptops, etc. and we also have a lounge, accessible kitchen, laundry, and a great backyard with patio and brick pizza oven!

The HIVE is a place to learn, experience, contribute, socialize, build friendships, and have FUN

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