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When Taylor, the oldest of her three children, was approaching graduating high school, Laura did what most parents do to prepare for that transition and researched what opportunities were available for him. She was faced with the sobering reality of the precious few options available for adults with disabilities. A longtime advocate for the value and acceptance of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), she began a journey that evolved into the HIVE.

For several years Laura researched, traveled around the state, and went to conferences and support groups to talk with people with disabilities, their families, and the professionals who serve them about what concerns they had in facing adulthood for people with IDD. The consensus made clear what was missing: Habilitative (independent living) skills, Information on resources so people could make informed choices, Vocational skills and opportunities, and continuing Education after high school. H.I.V.E.

The acronym H.I.V.E. happened organically, and the fact that when we think of a hive, we think- busy bees, in and out, productive, a community working together - it just made the name seem perfect. A place that provided opportunities to grow and learn, be respected, build relationships, connect inside and outside, contribute to something meaningful, to have a fulfilling life...isn’t that what we all want for ourselves and for our children?

The HIVE started services January 09, 2017 at the Housing Authority of Bowling Green's Learning Center with 4 members (thank you for believing in us HABG!)

Having outgrown that space by June 2017, the Fraternal Order of Police offered their support in allowing the HIVE to move into the FOP Lodge and have continued to be our heroes as we grow beyond 30 memberships, nearly 20 regular volunteers, and serving 8 counties in Kentucky and Tennessee. Laura and everyone at the HIVE is dedicated to pushing forward and expanding to make life in and around Bowling Green, KY a better place for ALL citizens!

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