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What is your favorite part of The Hive and why?

"My favorite part of being here to enjoy time with friends, making new friends, doing activities they provide, and learning how to do different things on your own."

- Angie, member since 2021


What is a goal you have completed at The Hive and how did they support you in completing it?

"The Hive has helped me complete my goal of being respected as an adult. I have developed skills like counting money, cooking, and focusing on one project at a time. I have also been working on skills that will help me get a job."

- Bethany, member since 2018


How has The Hive impacted your life?

"It has impacted my life greatly to the point of I can honestly feel like a successful member of society and adult. It has a given me opportunities that other people rejected me for and that help me become successful."

- Nathan, member since 2018


How has The Hive prepared you for a job?

"I have become more aware of how to deal with different customers. They have taught me how to speak up about how some people treat people with disabilities differently"

- Presley, members since 2019


Do you feel that the have has prepared you to be more independent and how?

"Yes, they helped me learn how to cook, how to clean, how to do housework like the dishes. When I lived in New York, I never did the dishes. Now that I go to The Hive, I enjoy doing the dishes."

- Julia, member since 2021

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What is a goal that The Hive has helped you work towards?

"I have been working on counting money when I restock The HIve's vending machine snacks. This helps me count money at work."

- Corey, member since 


Do you feel that The Hive effectively prepares individuals for life outside of the clubhouse?

"Yes, I feel that our members are able to gain further social and everyday life skills with The Hive and people that do participate in other activities outside of The Hive are able to inspire one another."

- Alicia, staff since 2020


How has The Hive impacted your life?

"The Hive has impacted my life by giving me career that I love! The members, volunteers, and staff are so close, we are like one big family. The work that we do together is a joy to my life!"

- Kathy, staff since 2018

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